Lingchei Letty Chen

Lingchei Letty Chen

​Associate Professor of Modern Chinese Language and Literature
Head of the Chinese Section
Affiliate Professor of Comparative Literature
PhD, Columbia University
research interests:
  • Identity politics
  • Memory and postmemory studies
  • Mimesis
  • Travel theory
  • Narratology
  • Postcolonialism
  • Postmodernism
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      CB 1111
      ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899
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    Lingchei Letty Chen's research interests include mnemonic writings of the Mao era. She teaches courses on modern Chinese literature.


      Courses Taught

      • L81 208 Freshman Seminar: The Chinese America Experience
      • L04 330 Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture: Chinese Fin-de-Siecle in Film and Literature
      • L04 342 Literature of Modern and Contemporary China
      • L16 375 Topics in Comparative Literature I: The Trope of 'China' in the Imagination of the Chinese Diaspora
      • L04 479 Reading Seminar in Modern Chinese Literature: Envisioning a New China: The May Fourth Era (1919-1949)
      • L04 479 Reading Seminar in Modern Chinese Literature: After the May Fourth Era (1950-Present)
      • L04 489 Topics in Modern Chinese Literature: History, Memory, and Identity
      • L04 4891 Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture: The Chinese City in the Global Context
      • L04 560 Seminar in the Literature of China: Violence, Feminity & Fictional Writing in 20th Century China

      Selected Publications


      Writing Chinese

      Writing Chinese

      Writing Chinese addresses complex issues surrounding the claim of "Chineseness" in our increasingly borderless world. Cutting across geographical boundaries, the author undertakes a comparative study of the politics of Chinese cultural identity facing writers of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the US-Chinese, and the Chinese diaspora in the West.