Symposium on Sound Technologies and Performance of the Voice in 20th Century Korea

Sponsored by the East Asian Studies Program, Literature Translation Institute of Korea, Korea Text Initiative at the Cambridge Institute for the Study of Korea, and the Gateway Korea Foundation

Thursday, March 28, 4:00-6:00pm
"Sijo and P'ansori in Contemporary Performance"
(McDonnell 162)

4:00-5:10pm Lecture on the Sijo Form
David McCann (Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Literature, Emeritus, Harvard University)
Sijo Writing Workshop
David McCann and Ivanna Yi (Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis)

5:10-5:40pm Sijo Poetry Reading
David McCann, Lee Jong Mun (Professor of Sino-Korean Literature, Keimyung University, Associate Director of Korean Sijo Poets Association),  Wayne de Fremery (Associate Professor in the School of Media, Arts, and Science at Sogang University)

5:40-6pm Performance of P’ansori
Chan Park (Professor of Korean Language, Literature, and Performance Studies, The Ohio State University) 

Friday, March 29, 9am-12pm
Panel on "Sound Technologies, Performance, and Transmission of the Voice in 20th Century East Asia"
(Busch Hall 18) 

"Amplify This!: Loudspeakers, Megaphones, and Kwangju Citizens’ Poetry of Democratization" 
Jina Kim (Assistant Professor of Korean Literature and Culture, University of Oregon) 

"The Future Sounds Feminine: On Telephonic Voices in Colonial Korea"
Laurie Lee (PhD Candidate, Department of Music, Harvard University)

"Proliferating Voice-texts in P’ansori Practice: Recording Technologies and Transmission of the Voice in the Twentieth Century" 
Ivanna Yi (Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis)

"Summoning Nostalgia: Voices from the Edo Music World in Tanizaki Jun’ichirō’s Some Prefer Nettles
Lei Hu (Ph.D. Candidate in Japanese Language and Literature, Washington University in St. Louis)

"Speaking for the Foreign Villains: Qiu Yuefeng and Dubbed Foreign Films in China (1953-1980)" 
Nan Hu (Ph.D. Candidate in Chinese and Comparative Literature, Washington University in St. Louis)

Discussants: Chan Park and Lingchei Letty Chen (Associate Professor of Modern Chinese Language and Literature)

2:00-3:30pm Sijo Creative Writing Workshop for Wash U students and the St. Louis community 
(Eads 103)